David and Karen Powell Wedding Sept. 11th 2009

Follow the link below to see the picture and few words that were in the Ringing World

The photos below were taken by various people. Click here for Official Photos by Keith Farmer

Karen ready to go to the church
Karen at home before departing for the church

Williams family
Malcolm, Dylan, Jen, Dave, Karen, Mark, Sian and Glenys

Powell family
Lucy, Rob, Dave, Karen, Colin and Margaret

Grooms Party
Rob, Martin, James, Dave, Malcolm and Colin

The roof top photographer
Ron and Keith, who took the picture below, on top of the tower scaffolding

View of guests from scaffolding
Guests taken from the tower by Keith Davies

Ludlow Gold               Ludlow Brewery

The first pint as a married couple!!  Ludlow Gold                                                        Click above to find out more

Bridesmaids and Page Boy
Max, Emma, Katie, Carrie and Bronwen

Martin speaking
The best man looking very intellectual.

Sunset at Pengethley
A beautiful end to a beautiful day

Carrie and Eleanor
The hard core dancers taking a break

Official Photos

Dave Ringing
Dave ringing for his own wedding

The Wedding Ringers
Wendy, Mike, John, Ken, Ben, Dave, Tom, Chloe and Olivia. Tom and Chloe were allowed time off school to come and ring.

Rob, Lucy and Dave
Rob, Lucy and Dave

Bronwen, Emma and Katie
Bronwen, Emma and Katie

Malcolm, Karen and Glenys
Malcolm, Karen and Glenys arriving at the church

About to go into church
Back; Malcolm, Rev. Phil Williams, Karen, Carrie
Front; Bronwen, Katie, Max, Emma

The view from the Balcony
The view from the balcony

Max, the most photographed after Karen and Dave!

Parents, Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids and Page Boy
Parents, Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids and Page Boy

A break from the photo shoot
Taking a break from the photo shoot

Australian contingent
Tania, Louise, Sophie and Rob came all the way from Perth, W.A. for the wedding. Thank you

Powell family
Dave's family

Des and Karen
Des and Karen (Des taught Karen to ring in 1990)

All Guests
All Guests

The Ringers
Bellringers; Duncan, Des, Keith, Mike, Wendy, Percy, Penny, Alison, Tony, Kit, Rhyan, Karen, Dave, Celia, Carrie, Martin, Ken and John

Louise and Rob
Louise and Rob helping to remove the floral displays

Dave and Karen in the churchyardScaffolding around the tower


In the garden at Pengethley

Bridesmaids jumping

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake made by Margaret Powell

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