Previous Front Page Pictures
These are the pictures that have previously graced the front page of the Website.

Holmer Armistice 2018 
Band who rang at 1230 on Sunday 11th November 2018. Armistice Day 2018

NY Outing group 2018Hayley Alex Mary Evesham
Holmer and Bodicote New Year Outing 2018
Outing 17 Group Holmer Clothing  Outing 17 Group All 
Quarter 080817  Quarter 150817
Pictures from our Outing and the Quarter bands in memory of John Smith

Group 260217
In memory of John Smith 1933-2017

Quarter 020717
Ian's 1st Quarter rung for Rob Oram's 1st service after ordination - 2nd July 2017 - More details.

Quarter 020417
Alex's 1st Quarter 2nd April 2017 - More details and Quarter 3-4-17 Skittles results 2017 here

Group 260217
Group photo taken 26th February 2017

Quarter Peal Band for Mike and Steven's Birthdays-More details

Group Outing 2016
Outing group photo 2016 - More to follow

Quarter 120616
Quarter band 12th June 2016 More Details

Quarter 080516
Quarter band 8th May 2016 More Details

Quarter 260416
Quarter band 26th April 2016 More Details

Quarter 180116
Quarter band 18th January 2016 More Details

Get well soon 'ayley (although we did get to eat the leftover cakes!!)

Quarter 201215
Quarter Peal Band 20th December 2015. Details

Peal band 24-8-15
Peal Band 24th August 2015. Details

Group 2015 Outing
Outing group outside Llangattock church. Read more

Quarter band 24th August 2014
Quarter band 24/8/14 Details                                  New Peal Board PealBoard photos

District Striking Competition 2014
Winning band Striking Competition - Method Abbey Dore 2014 More Pics

Quarter 10th June 2014
10th June 2014-Quarter Peal rung for Hayley's Birthday. See QUARTERS

Quarter band 22-05-14
22nd May 2014-Quarter Peal rung to welcome Steve, the new Vicar. See QUARTERS

Quarter 230414
23/4/2014 Quarter at Holmer. More details Quarters

Quarter band 27-3-14
Quarter at Holmer 27th March 2014

Quarter Sutton 23-2-14
23/2/2014 Quarter at Sutton. Jens first. For Dilys Williams. Campanophile

4/1/2014 Tewkesbury Outing at the Three Kings Tewks 2014

Xmas Dinner 2013
19/12/2013. Xmas Dinner at the Three Elms. More pics

Quarter band 11-11-13
11/11/2013. Quarter rung for Armistice Day. Quarter Peals

District Outing 2013
7/09/2013. Hereford District Outing 2013. Clodock

Outing 2013 Group
13/07/2013. Holmer Outing 2013. Wordsley

Ringing for Phil's 25 years in the ministry
30/06/2013. Ringing to celebrate 25 years in the ministry for Rev. Phil WIlliams

Young Ringers 13
1/06/2013. Young Ringers Day 2013. See article

Quarter 14/05/13
14th May 2013 Quarter Peal rung For the birth of Briallu Geater Owen.

Quarter Peal St George's Day 2013
23rd April 2013. Quarter Peal rung on St George's Day

Quarter 23rd March 2013
23rd March 2013. Quarter rung on John's 80th Birthday

Jen Artful Dodger badge
7th March 2013. Jen recieving her Artful Dodger badge on her 13th Birthday.

Karen H 1st Quarter of Minor band
2nd February 2013. Karen Herberts 1st Quarter of Minor at Stoke Prior. Details

Eldersfield 5/1/13
Eldersfield 5th January 2013
L to R; Duncan, Alan, Nick, Martin S, Ken, Hayley, Jen, Matt, Graham, Dave, Harry, Paul, Ruth, Karen, Bron, Alison S, Chris, Heather, Des
Toby, Veronica, Isobel, Carrie, Alison V, Phil, Pam, Wendy, Kevin, Mike, Martin, Keith

Sally Ambitious Apprentice
Sally receiving her Ambitious Apprentice badge. Bell club

East Louvres
Thanks Mike for doing all the precarious work!! New chicken wire East Louvres 

Laura receiving Ambitious Apprentice badge. Bell Club

Sally, Sutton recruit in Holmer Belltower 

Key Left to Right; Ken, Margaret, Mike, Kevin, Ruth and Rita                             Olympic Ringers
Ringers for All The Bells 0812-0815 27th July 2012 for the Opening of the Olympic Games in London

Key Left to Right; Mike, Pam, Nick, Ken, John and Keith                              Olympic Ringers
Ringers for All The Bells 0812-0815 27th July 2012 for the Opening of the Olympic Games in London

Beth receiving her Ambitious Apprentice Badge. Bell Club

Quarter Peal for Karen H Birthday. See Quarter Peals
Other News - Alex gets Happy Hunter Badge Click here

Peal Band 17-3-12 Click here for details . Also listen to Recording of the Peal

BishamptonDave and Glenys
Young ringers present and past!! Click on pics for more

Christmas Party at the Golden Cross, Jen and Alex

Karen and Kevin Artful Dodgers, Louis Happy Hunter

Holmer church from N.E.

Lucy and James Turpin

Richards Castle. See Outing 2011

Quarter for Karen's Son's wedding. See Meet the Ringers

The Ringers for Pam's son Ed's wedding. Meet the Ringers

See Meet The Ringers

Louis receiving Golf awards. See Meet the Ringers

"Ding Dong Merrily on High" by Lilliput Lane

Tom receiving his Happy Hunter badge Bell Club

Pershore 2011 Click for more

Happy 100th Birthday Dilys Williams. Click for more;  Dilys 100

Jen and Louis Ambitious Apprentices
Louis and Jen receiving their Ambitious Apprentice's badges

Ringing for the Girl Guide Centenay-20:10-20/10-2010
Ringing for the Guide Centenary

Ambergate at Sutton Fete
Ringing on the Ambergate Campanile at Sutton Fete

Alex Gibbon receiving her Ambitious Apprentice Badge and Guild Membership Certificate

Come and see the Ambergate Campanile at Sutton Fete on 17th July 2010

Young Ringers Day 5th June 2010
Francesca, Daniel, Laura, Chloe, Alex (Holmer), Tim, Tom, Cerys (front)

Skittles 15th April 2010

March 2010 after Restoration

Holmer Church in the Snow
Holmer in the snow    More snow pics

The Tower Restoration Team 2009
John Arnold, Keith Davies, John Smith, Mike Jefferis (Project Manager and Holmer Tower Captain), Ron Williams

24th October 2009
Karen Herbert and Kevin Johnson ringing at Liverpool Cathedral.

26th September 2009
Chloe and Eleanor receive the Call Change Shield from Judge Tony Greatrex.
Hereford District Striking Competition, Fownhope

Holmer Tower and Church from South East.

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