Holmer and Friends Tower Outing - Saturday 27th July 2019  More photos


Holmer Ringers and Friends summer outing.

Saturday 27th July 2019 arrived with grey clouds and greatly reduced temperature compared with the previous weeks record temperature. After a stuttering entrance to the “Nisa” service station at Much Wenlock for a comfort break our destination on this now rather moist day, St Lawrence’s Church Little Wenlock, was soon reached. A cosy tower reached via the kitchen and masquerading as a broom cupboard. I won’t name names but the band of ringers who opened the days ringing account on this ring of five were brilliant, I am sure I heard the village applaud.  The rest of us followed in a valiant attempt to keep the standard up.

We then retraced our steps to Much Wenlock where Karen kindly dropped us off right outside the Church so that we would not get too wet then went off to find a parking space.  The bells had all been rung up for us except the tricky tenor which Andrew and Martin expertly raised.  We were joined for several methods by Val Roberts who rang the bells up for us, thank you, and let us in. When it was time to leave several of the band, having not heard that the bus was parked alongside the church where we had been dropped off, went for a walk round Much Wenlock in the rain to find the bus!  Fortunately, their absence was noticed before we drove off.

Pulverbatch was next, tucked away behind a barn conversion.  Up a flight of external steps into a ringing chamber with an interesting door with a huge arched window over it which at a stretch you could view the church through.  Ringing the “Sticky” second wasn’t an issue for our very experienced ringers, thanks Mike.  The bell in the window however was in need of a lot of work to restore it to its former glory.

Lunch at the White Horse was a relaxed affair once the main course had been served. I don’t know if it was us but the only three customers in the pub left shortly after we arrived leaving the whole place to us. Sorry bar staff, you could have gone home early if we hadn’t been there.

On to Hope Bowdler. Again Karen got us as close as possible to the church as it was still raining but this time just abandoned the bus in the lane, I am sure anyone wanting to get by would have worked out where the driver was. Access from the lane was through an attractive avenue of yew trees which met to form an arch. The ringing chamber was furnished with plenty of benches but the tall ringers on the 5th were slightly impaired by the corner of the clock mechanism box jabbing them in the bicep. An interesting bit of maintenance consumables spotted on the shelf was a tub of John Pritchards “Rope Lube”, I’m sure it helped the ringing!

Our final tower was Bromfield. The approach was dominated by the imposing tower positioned on the corner of the church which also served as a large entrance porch.  The spacious ringing chamber made the ringing a little more relaxed. Yet another tower with a clock mechanism in the ringing chamber. This time providing the means for a bit of hide and seek for a couple of ringers at the end while ringing down!  It was a shame that the visitor who popped in got a touch of nerves, having not rung for a while, and only rang once, hopefully she will now come back into the fold and start enjoying ringing again after this brief visit.  The end of ringing was marked by the obligatory photograph taken at the foot of this magnificent tower.

The closing ceremony was carried out at the Salwey Arms with a pint of Hobsons Care Taker, Ludlow Gold, a cup of coffee and a soft drink for the driver, I hope.

Thank you Dave and Karen for organising another very enjoyable day out. Sorry there isn’t a lot about the actual ringing but I had this job sprung on me in the car park just before we set off so my reporters pen and paper were at home along with my glasses.

Looking forward to the next outing, this was Ian for HDGB News, Holmer Ringers and Friends.