Holmer and Friends Tower Outing - Saturday 12th August 2017  More photos

Outing 17 Group Holmer Clothing
Holmer Bellringers crew in their new branded clothing.
L to R; Hayley, Alex, Briannie, Dan, Pam, Paul, Karen, Dave, Mike, Wendy, Keith and Rosie
Outing 2017 Group
L to R; Kevin, Mary, Martin, Alex, Sarah, Robert, Mike, Sally, Dan, Briannie, Ken, Ian, Pam, Paul, Dave, Karen, Ray, Ruth, Wendy, Rosie and Ben, Keith and Hayley..

Bromyard Outing 12th August 2017

The day started out very dull, but we had our new Holmer hoodies to keep us warm. The minibus, driven by Ian left at 8.45am, with 16 people. We got to the first tower a little early, so waited to meet up with Sarah, the 17th person on the minibus, Ken, Celia, Rosie, Ben, Paul, Dan and Briannie.

The first tower, St Peter’s in Bromyard, was a very modern church, with very modern facilities. The 13cwt 10 were very nice to ring, and you could watch what you were doing on the TV from 3 different angles. As the bells were up, we started the day with rounds for the 3 learners, who all did really well ringing on 10 for the first time. We then attempted plain hunt on 9 but it proved a bit too early for that. Everyone rang really well even with competition from the guitar player downstairs.

The next tower, St Kenelm in Clifton upon Teme, were a very lovely 10cwt 6. They were very quiet in the chamber but very loud when you listened outside. The ropes were VERY long but this time we managed to ring rounds for the learners, Plain Bob, Grandsire, Bob Minor and Cambridge. As the toilet was in the ringing chamber some of us used the facilities in the local pub, and stopped for a quick drink. The sun came out by the time we had finished!

All Saints in Shelsley Beauchamp was the tower before lunch. As the sun was out, this is where the group photo was taken. These were a very challenging 10 cwt 6, the ropes were very springy and on plain bearings. It also had a very long draft and the plain bearings meant you couldn’t get lazy and had to pull both strokes. That being said, again the learners did very well adapting to this and managed a good ring of rounds, we also managed Stedman and Beverley.

Food Time! This was at the New Inn at Clifton upon Teme. The food was really good, even if two of the ringers managed to swap their orders. The beer seemed to go down very well too.

St Peters in Martley seemed to be a very heavy 12cwt 6. It had a lovely stained glass window in the ringing chamber. We rang rounds, Grandsire, Plain Bob and Stedman. These bells went down really well with everyone and we hope to go back soon!

Our final tower of the day was St Mary Magdalene in Broadwas. These were a 4 cwt 5 in a very modern church with much needed facilities. There were mixed feelings about these bells as they were very light but everyone gave them a go and a few people were very happy with them. We rang rounds for the people unsure of light bells, call changes, Stedman and Stedman Minimus.

The final stop of the day (for some) was the Live and Let Live on Bringsty Common. This was a very cute little country pub with very low beams. Again the beer seemed to go down very well.

For the people left standing the last stop of the day was Beer in Hand for pizza and you guessed it…. Beer! A very good day was had by all.


Hayley Clarke