Holmer and friends outing 2012. The following appeared in the Ringing World No.5293 Oct 5 2012

After setting off and about an hours drive we came to our first church (Frampton on Severn).  Frampton on Severn has 6 bells, which I thought were quite heavy.  Towards the end we had one person who desperately needed the loo (Karen H) and a broken trap door rope. When they were ringing up and were going into Stedman the rope to the trap door which lets you hear the bells better broke! That was the first bang of the day....

The second church was my favourite, which was Eastington which also has 6 bells.  After Karen had gone to the loo and the others had rung up, I rang rounds and call changes, then they rang lots of different methods. Then the second bang occurred.  This time it was Dave P (my teacher) who dropped the trap door to get into the tower.

Then we went to the Old Badger for lunch. The food was great (chocolate waffles...mmm) and one of our ringers FINALLY got over his hangover (naming no names.... George). The third bang came from the kitchen where by the sound of it someone dropped something.

Then we headed off to the next church, Coaley, which again had 6 bells.  There I called my first changes, and met some baby birds.

After a trip to the village shop and Dave P and others accidently ringing down (naughty, naughty!!) we headed to the last church, Upper Cam where they have 6 bells (again!).  I found these bells really heavy and struggled to keep up in rounds.  Everyone else managed ok and I was happily amused with the model bell on the wall. So after that we had to go back to Holmer.

For a first outing for me, I enjoyed it.

Beth Hill (Age 12, ringing since 10th April 2012)

Key to photo;
Back row-David C, Kevin, Mike, David P, George.
Middle-Karen H, Karen P, Sally, Anne, Keith, Ken.
Front-Beth, Pam, Paul, Ruth, Wendy, Celia.