Holmer & Friends Outing 2007               More Photos

Our second annual outing was on 18th August – with weather (typical of this year) ideally suited to such indoor pursuits as ringing! After last year’s outing which involved some steep ladder ascents into high ringing chambers, Dave decided to go for ground floor throughout, to the relief of many of us. 

We made an early start, heading off in the Gloucester direction from Hereford, and began the first ring at Bromesberrow at 9 o’clock with Grandsire, Reverse Canterbury, and Cambridge, with those of us who struggle with early 9 am starts fighting to get our brains into gear.

Our second destination was Corse church – a long drive through orchards brought us eventually to the lovely church of St Margaret’s, right out in the countryside where we had another enjoyable ring, and now much more awake! 

Next, quite close to Gloucester, the village of Maisemore. The bells at Maisemore were quite light set, which was a challenge to some of us when “Stand” was called – possibly a few beers are owed on that basis. 

Lunch was our next stop, at the Queen’s Head, Longford where there were local beers and a good menu. We enjoyed a well earned rest, and seeing the rain outside, decided we were in the right place. 

It was on to Sandhurst next, to the interesting church of St Lawrence, where there is a ring of 8.

On the wall of the ringing chamber was a glass-fronted case containing 33 handbells which date from the 1890s onwards. Apparently the church bellringers at that time used to indulge in a spot of cider during their practices, which led to some unpleasantness with the vicar, who banned them from the church – so they repaired to a shed where they continued both their cider drinking and their ringing, by purchasing handbells.

However, we enjoyed ourselves, without the aid of cider, on the 8 church bells, which gave us the opportunity for some triples, and some call changes on 8. 

Tredington was our last tower, where the font was not only in the ringing chamber, but in our ringing circle! There was also an interesting feature in the porch of the church – an ichthyosaurus could be seen in the stone floor.

This church was Pam’s 100th tower, which was duly celebrated by the award of a bottle of J2o. 

We all had a great day, and many thanks are due to Dave Powell, ably helped by Karen for organising it. Roll on the next one! 

Ruth Hewison

Group photo at Tredington

Left to Right: Ruth, Mike, Ken, Keith, Wendy, Robert, Rod, Pam, Paul, Karen, Dave, Kevin.