Holmer and friends outing       More Photos     

The first Holmer and friends outing took place on Saturday 5 August.  The day began well with all arriving at the first tower, Clungunford on time.  These nice bells provided a pleasant start to the day with Stedman, Grandsire and a lot of Plain Bob Doubles achieved.

The second tower, Clunbury, provided a little more of a challenge, mainly due to the ladder to the ringing chamber, once reaching the top a number of people were heard to comment that they may not get down again.  The house next to the tower provided an interesting talking point due to the thatched roof with a stag and pheasant on top – I do hope the residents don’t mind all the photographs being taken.

Tower three, Stokesay, gave the non ringers with us the opportunity to look around the castle and picturesque grounds.  The nice bells made the ringing very enjoyable and the many spectators were given a ringing explanation by Rod.

Following a busy morning we headed to the Six Bells in Bishops Castle for lunch.  Here we were served excellent beer and food by ‘Big Nev’.  The vast beer selection provided a challenge to taste them all, though I am not sure if we managed it!!

Onto our fourth tower.  A ground floor ring which were the most challenging of the day – how much of that was as a result of the bells as opposed to the beer we will never know!

Finally to Leintwardine our only 8 of the day. These nice bells provided the opportunity for us to ring triples and call changes on 8.

An enjoyable day was had by all and I am sure that was the first but not the last Holmer and friends outing.

Thanks to all who attended, to those who kindly volunteered to drive and to Dave for organising an excellent outing.


Group photo at Leintwardine
Left to Right: John, Rod, Pam, Mike, Ken, Karen, Dave, Robert, Kris, Ruth, Heather, Wendy, Keith.