Old Holmer Photos

Dave and Glenys ringing 3rd and 4th

Dick cutting his Birthday Cake 24th September 1986

Dick and Cheri ringing Treble and 2nd

Dick and Dave ringing Treble and 2nd 24th September 1986

Dick and Cheri

Dave, Jenny, John and Keith ringing 2nd,3rd and 4th 24th September 1986

Keith, Jo, Vera, John, Cheri, Jenny and Glenys

Keith ringing the Treble

Keith looking very smart!

Keith ringing the 2nd

John, Jo and Keith ringing the 3rd and 4th

Ivan ringing the 5th (with the Peal Board in the background)

Richard ringing the 5th, and Vera

Judy ringing the Treble

Tim "ringing" the Treble!

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