Meet The Ringers 

1st November 2011
L to R; Mike J, Ken C, Keith D, Dave P (C), Wendy D, Karen P
1911/2011 Doubles (21 Original, 1960 Plain Bob, 30 Grandsire) Rung to celebrate Ken's 70th Birthday (18th October)

6th June 2011
L to R; Karen H, Karen P, Vic C, Ken C, Dave P, Kevin J.
Quarter Peal of 1260 Plain Bob Doubles. Rung to celebrate the wedding of Matt (son of 1) and Sam Ashcroft on 4 June 2011. Also birthday compliments to Matt, 23 today.

10th June 2011
Dave and Pam with their badges and certificates for 25 years membership of the Guild

19th May 2011
Dave and Karen were presented with the Peter Hughes Trophy at the Guild AGM

14th May 2011
Mark Pugh presents Jen with her Guild Membership Certificate

16th April 2011
Above; Mike, Karen, Ken, Pam, Kevin, Wendy, Keith
Below; Ed and Nicola

10th April 2011
L to R; Karen H, Karen P, Keith, Mike, Dave, Kevin.
Quarter Peal 1260 Plain Bob Doubles. Rung to celebrate 25 years of Ringing by Dave. Dave was taught by Keith Davies and John Smith. John was unable to ring due to ill health. Karen H and Kevin were taught by Dave. Karen P met and married Dave due to Ringing. Mike, our Tower Captain rang in John's place. 

5th March 2011
Louis. The medal is for the highest handicap of his age group for 2010. The trophy is for the highest attendance of 2010.

L to R; Ken, Dave, Kevin, Sue, Mike, Keith. Seated; Dilys
25th November 2010
A Quarter Peal was rang at Sutton to celebrate the 100th Birthday of Dilys Williams

Ringing for the Girl Guide Centenary-20:10-20/10-2010
Band from left; Mike, Pam, Karen H, Ken, Dave, Karen P, Kevin
20th October 2010
Ringing for the Guide Centenary at 2010 0n 20-10-2010

Band clockwise from front right. Karen, Dave, Keith, Ken, Mark, Kevin
29th July 2010
Karen and Kevin rang their first Quarter Peal at Holmer

Chloe's 1st Quarter Band
Band in Ringing Order; Chloe, Dave, Ken, Paul, Mark and Mike
17th November 2009
Chloe (aged 10) rang her first Quarter Peal at Sutton

Mike and John
I've just found this picture. It was taken when John was presented with his Honorary Member Certificate

Eleanor and Chloe 7th July 2009

Eleanor and Chloe appeared in Sutton St Nicholas school play. It was an unusual take on Robin Hood.

Eleanor (left) played Cassandra Bingham-Ffrench, (Wedding Planner and P.A. to King John)
and Chloe Hand Maiden 1 to Maid Marion

Beer on the Wye VKevin, Dave, Karen, Sally and Mike
4th July 2009.
Beer on the Wye V took place on 3rd and 4th July. Mike, Sally and Kevin all attended and joined CAMRA. Dave and Karen are already members and were working behind the bar over the weekend. The festival hit the National headlines as we ran out of beer at the end of Saturday night and had to cancel the Sunday session as a result.

John & Mike Mike and Keith
John Smith and Mike Jefferis                                                                     Mike Jefferis and Keith Davies
2nd July 2009.
The Hereford Guild has changed from making people Honorary members to presenting long service awards. The 2 people who taught me to ring have been presented with long service awards. John Smith (already an Honorary member) has achieved 40 years membership and Keith Davies (member of Tyberton) 37 years.

Eleanor and Mark
29th June 2009.
Eleanor being presented with her Guild Membership certificate by the Guild Master Mark Pugh (left!).This was before Eleanor rang her first Quarter Peal. (See below)

Band for Eleanors 1st Quarter 
Band in Ringing order. 1. Eleanor, 2. Margaret, 3. Ken, 4. Mark 5. Dave, 6. Mike

Sam, Karen and Lisa
23rd June 2009
One of our newest ringers, Karen Herbert. The picture shows Karen (middle) after completing the Race for Life in Worcester.

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