Bell Club

It was decided that we should introduce Bell Club from Sherbourne Teaching Aids to encourage our learners.
Check out the link below to see the names on the Bell Club Website.

Dan Briannie Ray
10th August 2017
Dan, Briannie and Ray receiving their Ambitious Apprentice badges

Hayley Champion Campanologist
7th March 2014
Hayley receiving her Champion Campanologist Badge

Jen Artful Dodger badge
7th March 2013
Jen recieving her Artful Dodger badge on her 13th Birthday.

Sally Ambitious Apprentice
11th October 2012
Sally receiving her Ambitious Apprentice badge

30th August  2012
Laura receives her Ambitious Apprentice Badge

26th June 2012
Beth receives her Ambitious Apprentice Badge

15th March 2012
Alex receives her Happy Hunter Badge

3rd November 2011
Karen and Kevin receive their Artful Dodger Badges.
Louis receives his Happy Hunter Badge

27th August 2011
Jen receiving her Happy Hunter Badge

22nd January 2011
Tom receiving his Happy Hunter badge at the District AGM at Holmer

Jen, Dave and Louis
4th November 2010
Jen and Louis receive their Ambitious Apprentice badges

15th July 2010
Alex receiving her Ambitious Apprentice Badge and Guild Membership Certificate

Kevin, Karen, Dave and Chloe
14th January 2010
Kevin and Karen awarded Happy Hunter badges.
Chloe awarded Artful Dodger badge

Dave and Patrick
12th November 2009
Patrick awarded Ambitious Apprentice badge

 Tom and Dave     Dave and Eleanor
13th August 2009
Tom awarded Ambitious Apprentice badge      Eleanor awarded Happy Hunter badge

Dave and Chloe
20th August 2009
Chloe awarded Happy Hunter badge

Kevin, Dave, Eleanor, Karen. Tom and Chloe 
20th August 2009
The Young People of the Bell Club and Dave!!

Ambitious Apprentices
2nd July 2009
Ambitious Apprentice badges were presented to Chloe, Eleanor, Kevin and Karen

Karen and Kevin
Keen to personalise their cards further, colouring took place after the practice too

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