11th April 2010 Hfd Ringing Course Photos                17th July 2010 Sutton Village Fete Photos

Dave Powell, Eleanor Butcher and Kevin Johnson ringing on the Ambergate Campanile.

Come Chime with Me

Thanks to the Hereford Guild, and our teacher (Dave Powell) Chloe Smith and I myself had the chance to take part in the Hereford Ringing Course, which took place in April at the Royal National College for the Blind and various Towers around Hereford. Hundreds of ringers from all over the country come to Hereford each year to attend the course. We had a great time, and all the activities that we took part in have been good fun - I definitely can’t wait to do it next year!

Chloe and I were in the group which was learning Bob Doubles. (For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s a ringing method!). We had some great learners and helpers in our group.

On Thursday, our first tower was Sutton St Nicholas! Our home tower, so we were very used to the bells. Sutton has 6 bells and is an anticlockwise tower.

On Friday morning we went to Goodrich (these were lovely bells) then back to the college for lunch and then a lecture called- Listen to it! Improving your striking. After that there was another group lecture followed by a trip to our 3rd tower, Eastnor. It was a long way away but, again, they were lovely bells.

We then went home for dinner and back to the college for a go with the hand bells. They were great and really easy to use. Then it was back home, and early to bed, ready for the next early start!

On Saturday, first we had a group lecture and then to our 4th tower- Glasbury which is a clockwise tower. We stopped at the Boat Inn for lunch (highly recommended!) and on to our 5th tower at Staunton-on-Wye.  Came back for another go on the hand bells.

On Sunday we went to Bodenham and had another lecture then finished the weekend off with refreshments at the college and to say goodbye to all the lovely people we had met from far and wide.

The Sutton and Holmer ringers are really pleased that Ambergate Campanile (a small set of bells – see photo below)  will be at the Sutton St Nicholas Fete on Saturday 17 July 2010 and this will be a great opportunity for everyone to have a chance to learn about and have a go at bell ringing.  Come along and give it a go!

Eleanor Butcher      Age 12

Karen Herbert, Kevin Johnson and Eleanor Butcher ringing the Ambergate Campanile at the Hereford Ringing Course

Ambergate Campanile being dismantled prior for transporting.

Sutton Village Fete 17th July 2010

Alex Gibbon and Dave Powell